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What's in a name?

Rock Cairns are man made piles of stones that are used as guides to help outdoor adventurers find their way on their chosen trails and paths in areas where it is otherwise easy to become lost.

We think this is a great symbol for counseling as well. It's your path and your journey, but we all can use some direction and support along the way. We look forward to meeting you and designing a plan to help you on the path that you have chosen.

What makes Rock Cairn Counseling special?

We are honored to be in this helping profession and believe that each individual already has within themselves all the skills and tools they need to recover from their mental health problems, life issues and traumatic experiences.  Our role is to help elicit those skills from each individual and act as a guide and support person through that process.

Our therapeutic philosophy is client centered and rooted in evidence-based techniques and research.  We incorporate these evidence-based interventions into our interactions with clients and are excited to apply our knowledge to your unique situation in order to help you see effective results.  

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