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What issues can we use EMDR to treat?

*little "t" trauma

*big "T" trauma


*negative self beliefs





*stress management

*mood stabilization

*family/relational issues

*future fears

We look forward to speaking to you about how EMDR can benefit you. See the resources page for links to more information on EMDR.



Jennifer Roberts, LISW-S  

Certified EMDR Therapist 

EMDRIA Approved Consultant

 EMDR Trainer

EMDR explained (in less than 150 words!)

EMDR is a type of psychotherapy that consists of 8 phases.  These 8 phases are based on a belief that the brain has an intrinsic ability to heal from difficult emotional events and traumas.  Traumas and other stressful events can become "stuck" in our emotion centers where these is no sense of time.  In other words, an event that happened 30 years ago, could still feel like it is happening today - raw, painful, unsafe.  

EMDR works with the brain's natural processing power to free these events from the emotion center and store these memories, negative believes, difficult emotions and body sensations where they were always meant to be stored - in the part of the brain that can reason and think.  In this way, what you know to be true and what you feel to be true can line up.  This provides tremendous freedom and healing. 

Video Resources​

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